Don’t worry but be concern.

Dear Parents…

Please stop worrying about us..

You can show concern but don’t show that you are worried about us. Worry tells us that you don’t trust us, you don’t believe in us or you are scared about us and any of these things can bring an inner conflict between us.

There is a big difference in showing concern and showing worry.

* Concern has love while worry has fear.
*Concern has a goal while worry has confusion

*Concern is healthy, it doesn’t get you depressed nor doubtful but the unhealthiness of worry makes you sad.

* When you show concern, the happiness of ur child is the priority but worry makes you to think about what your friends will say to you about it. (Self centered)

To know if you are concerned or worried, ask yourself why are you doing this?

Is it because of your child happiness?

Is it because you are scared (worry)

Because of what people will say? (worried)

Even the Bible said it, Do not be worried about anything

Let me stop here ma and sir…

Please send to all parents…

You mean so much to me.
Niyi Akitoye

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