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Ibidunni Ighodalo

Two things to check often:
(1) Your blood pressure
(2) Your blood sugar 

Three things reduced to minimum:
(1) Salt
(2) Sugar
(3) Starch (Carbohydrates) 

Four things to increase:
(1) Greens
(2) Veggies
(3) fruits
(4) Nuts

Three things to forget:
(1) Your age (2) Your past (3) Your grudges

Three things to have:
(1)True Friends
(2)Loving family
(3)Positive thoughts

Four acts to stay healthy:
(1) Fasting
(2) Laughing (3) Exercise
(4) Weight loss

Six things not to wait for:
(1) Don’t wait till you are sleepy to sleep
(2) Don’t wait till you’re tired to rest
(3) Don’t wait till you are thirsty to drink water (4) Don’t wait till you are sick to go for medical checkups (5) Don’t wait till your friend is sick  to go to see him/her.
(6) Don’t wait for problems to pray to God.


How Contentment can increase mental well-being.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.

I will define contentment as a feeling of self satisfaction. God does not love us equally rather, He loves us personally, uniquely and adequately.

Our needs and desires are different, it will be unhealthy to judge our satisfaction based on others accomplishments.

Think about a child who is in search for five stones to build a house, when he got the first stone, he was happy and ventured for the second one with enthusiasm. When he got the second stone, he threw a party for his friends.

Contentment will make the journey of life fun and easy. It not that you settled for less rather you appreciate what you have now. If only we can pause a bit to look at how far we have gone then we realised how ungrateful we’ve being to ourselves.

Accepting your current position will give you good knowledge of what you need to get to the desired position. Paul said that he has learnt the secret on content. This is the secret: He who is not contented with one can’t be content with many. Because lack of content leads to greed.

Today, write out the things you are grateful for.